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Micro Data Center Solutions

Micro Data Center Solutions

With their design and new technology, micro data center meets your data center needs in a practical and economic way while offering fast installation, low cost and energy efficiency. Independent data center model micro data center provides cooling, power management, security system, monitoring all in one. With these advantages, it creates difference in its own field by solving essential needs such as users’ mail servers and web servers in the most practical way.

Micro data center is the correct answer fort he increasing demands; it also has the appropiate costs. Micro data center gathers UPS, cooling systems, fire sensing and extinguishing systems, PDU (power distribution unit), and environmental monitoring systems under one integrated system. Data centers that are in the branches have the remote monitoring systems. This way, without being connected to the contacts micro data centers are traceble and work with the highest efficiency. Comparing to the traditionally installed data centers, initial installation costs of the micro data centers lower the expenses greatly. Micro data centers make it possible for the current and future users to benefit from a flexible and supported structure. It also enables users to reach their cloud systems easily. With these, micro data centers curb the human errors, and greatly lower operating and maintenance costs.

By keeping the important data in a safe place, it increases data and equipment security. In addition to this micro data center is guaranteed to continue working 24/7. Micro data centers don’t need raised floor or outdoor cooling unit, when needed they can be moved easily by installing casters.

Micro data centers offer suitable solutions for medium sized companies, data centers where fast installation needed, disaster and emergency responce centers, places where data center experts are in a remote area, and companies who doesn’t want to invest to a big data center and want to connect to the cloud instead.

We, Ernas İletişim, offer professional data center solutions with benefits like fast installation, economical prices, centralised management and control system for all the components while stopping you from worrying about a system that doesn’t offer a lot of advantages, a complex data center design and installation.

To provide you with the highest quality service, we are always in a solution partnership with expert brands.