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IP/CCTV Camera Systems

IP/CCTV Camera Systems

Security Camera Systems consist on IP and CCTV (close circuit), and both of them are extensivly used today’s security systems.

IP Camera

IP cameras are the monitoring systems that catch images with the help of the sensors, convert the images into digital data, and transfer the data to the assigned users through network. Unlike other systems, high-tech IP cameras don’t require extra equipment, carts or recording devices. IP cameras need to be connected to the same network as the NVR. They don’t need to be connected to the recording devices directly. They use Power over Ethernet (PoE). This means there is only one cable that provides power and transfers video. Even the lowest IP resolutions are much better than close circuit cameras’, meaning CCTVs. IP cameras make it possible for you to watch the transferred image live and audiovisually anywhere from your computer and cell phone with ease.

CCTV Camera

CCTV cameras are known as close circuit cameras. CCTV camera systems transfer the videos to TVs with a cable connection. Aside from a DVR to record the images, lens and switch is also needed, and there might be an audio recorder on the camera system if requested. These camera systems are convenient for recording both video and audio. Close circuit cameras need a direct connection to the DVR, and there should be two cables for power, and to receive videos. CCTV cameras resolution is limited, and it’s used for traffic controls, public transportation vehicles, quality controls as well as at security systems as a crime preventer device, inside theatres and conference rooms for differents viewpoints. Every camera system has its advantages and disadvantages, but for especially work purposes IP cameras are preferred. As the costs decrase, they become suitable for houses, too.

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