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What Is Data Center?

What Is Data Center?

Data centers’ importance for the companies is growing with every passing day. Data centers contain many services such as renting license, security solutions, hosting, e-commerce transactions, mail and instant message within itself. Today, many institution and online marketers such as government institutions, finance institiutions, telecommunication companies, Google, and Facebook need data centers. Data centers are the places that are inside the data processing center, and they are responsible from their routers and hosts’ working properly. Data centers are also the centrilised places where collecting and storing and distributing huge sizes of data that comes from computers and network equipments happen. Data Center connects the computer system with the datum. That’s why their construction is more complex than it’s tought of. While some of these data centers offer hosting services, some are specially designed for companies to serve as detailed non-shared centers.

Many bussiness gathers their datum inside date center instead of a system that consists on their own networks and hosts, so as to save on costs and benefit from the cloud service. Data centers can be divided into two groups: Special data centes and Internet data centers. While special data centers serving the businesses and storing their data, internet data centers provide service to the third parties. Co-location and hosting are among the main services internet data centers provide.

Other widely known usages of the data centers are these: organizing the information, storing information and doing backups regularly, then storing again. In short, data centers can be regarded as places where the company servers and datum are kept.

With the increase of the internet users in recent years, there have been great developments in Turkey. As aconsequence, competition in the telecommunication and data centers areas; it’s increased by 60% in Turkey, and gained the first place in the world’s growing list.

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