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UPS and Network Infrastructure Solutions

UPS and Network Infrastructure Solutions

With the advencement of technology, the need for not just the energy, but for the clean energy grows.

UPS systems can be described as the systems that eliminates disturbances and noise which might ocur at the network, and feeding the system with a stable and clean voltage as well as continuing to work for a short period time during shortages.

Today, UPS systems help reduce data loss occuring due to electrical problems, and that’s why it’s in high demand by the users. UPS systems prevent high and low voltages that’re out of the tolerance so as to protect the data that’s being worked on, especially by the IT systems and personal computers, during a malfunction in the circuit. In addition to this, UPS protects the device from the harmful effects that might arise from the circuit itself. Furthermore, the need for a strong and good quality infrastructure that is able to use all the equipments and UPS devices shouldn’t be ignored.

We, as Ernas Iletisim, offer professional solutions about transfering data, electric, and UPS cables interdependently, and about preventing visual pollution and creating a modular structure for future need of an additional module, user or place change.

To provide you with the highest quality service, we are always in a solution partnership with expert brands.