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Network Backup Systems

Network Backup Systems

Network backups are used on networks. And in case of network cable failure, or computer room’s equipment failure, or even system room’s distrupting its function all togerher, they make it sure that the data is still accessible.

Successfully installing the network of an extensive corporate network means the coporation will alway be able to serve its customers. Network’s not being able to work causes customer, commercial, and trust loses.

For instance, think about a network that includes web servers. If a company places its web site on networks’ web servers, it of course wants the website to be active and resume service all the time. For otherwise offering poor service means losing customers.

We, Ernas İletişim, build existing computer rooms and cable substructions one-to-one, and offer professional solutions for the systems to be able to continue working through backed up system in case of a breakdown.

To provide you with the highest quality service, we are always in a solution partnership with expert brands.